Your relationship is like a joint bank account. Are you enjoying the returns on your investment?
  1. Do not enter a relationship out of a void of some sort. There is no guarantee that the relationship will continue to fill up your void.
  2. Constantly explore the ways and means to invite others to contribute to the relationship. Guide them, remind them, demand at times, if needed.
  3. Be assertive. Express your expectations from a relationship.
  4. Enter a relationship when you are ready to share or contribute in some or the other way, instead of starting a relationship based on your personal needs and insecurities.
  5. Avoid using a short cut. Have a long term plan to make your relationship work.
  6. Nurture your relationship with appropriate and consistent inputs.
  7. Evaluate the assets and liabilities you have created in your relationship and re-establish the balance on priority.
  8. Invite others to contribute, and remain open to benefit from their contribution.
  9. Trust, that you deserve to have a healthy relationship.
  10. Cherish your partner, cherish the relationship, and of course, cherish the returns on your investment.



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Aatmn Parmar

Aatmn Parmar

International speaker, Author, Intuitive channel, the founder of Redikall Healing System, Homoeopath, hypnotherapist, Mind and Metaphysics expert.