When you do not follow inner inspiration You invite constant comparison and competition.

Aatmn Parmar
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Ever wondered about that voice that’s critical, judgmental which either holds you back or propels you forward?

It is possible that a parent, teacher or authority figure initially tried motivating you by comparing you with others. They expected you to compete with someone who was set as a benchmark to enhance your progress.

You probably continued to compare yourself to someone you perceived as better than you and ended up feeling inadequate.

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Here’s a glimpse:

Your envy and jealousy of more privileged and accomplished people can rob you of the possibility of discovering your unique set of privileges.

It was your choice to continue being in these games.

These games lead to five possibilities:

1) You match your competitor’s growth or outgrow them and lose interest in them and look for someone else to compare yourself with.

2) As you do better, you may find the other person also doing better to match your pace and continue with the game.

3) You continue believing that you are an unfortunate one and less privileged. You allow these beliefs to rule your life and your equations with people you think are more privileged than you.

4) You try to sabotage others so that the others slow down and give you a pseudo sense of growth compared to them.

5) You turn inwards and look for inspiration from within, and if at all

you have a desire to compete, you only compete with your past ‘self’. Every day, you become better and better compared to what you were in the past.

What has been your response so far? What can be a better response for you to continue growing in a better way? How can you achieve that?

When you are happy and content with your achievements and privileges, you will be able to genuinely rejoice and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments and success.

Your obsessive need to keep comparing yourself with wealthier people can curtail you from enjoying me and my gifts to you.

Money is just the means you use to continue your subconscious games — making each other feel jealous, envious and comparable so that you grow through competition.

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