Ways to cope up with insecurity and uncertainty.

Aatmn Parmar
3 min readFeb 8, 2022


Suresh and Fatima were married for 30 years and lived in a rented flat. As they aged, their house aged too. Upon a lot of requests, the landlord painted the house only twice in 30 years. If they complained a bit more, the landlord threatened them with an evacuation notice. They had got used to the locality, neighborhood and facilities in the neighborhood. They spent thirty years being concerned about the evacuation notice and never enjoyed a day of stability and the security of having a roof over their head.

Adam kept controlling Mariam with the threat of divorce to ensure that she did everything as per his expectations. Mariam did not have support from her family, nor enough confidence to sustain herself with her limited education background. She spent her entire life dreading the day when Adam would leave her. Her constant insecurity did not allow her to enjoy her marriage and the seeming security of being in a marriage.

Percy was miserable in his job because he was on temporary posting for years. His job would get an extension every 3 months. Percy had spent 15 years anticipating termination of the job and yet managed to cling on to the job with the sword of a pink slip hanging over his head all the time.

We often cling on to the seeming sense of security, stability and certainty without realizing how unstable and uncertain we feel from within. The possibility of an unknown future does not let us make the best out of this very moment. You may get used to this lifestyle or you may keep waiting for the day when you will eventually settle down — and that day may feel remote with every passing day.

Predictability and certainty is essential and yet it is not available at times.

What do you do when you face this kind of situation?

Here are some reminders:

  1. Uncertainty is the norm of life. No one can tell what is going to happen the next moment. However, this moment is certain. Live life full on and do not postpone your enjoyment and fulfillment to tomorrow.
  2. No legality, documentation, social arrangement can make you feel secure if you have a tendency to feel insecure. Discover the security within by relying on your inner strength and capabilities
  3. Do not wait for better times, better moments and better arrangements. Do not wait for people to give you certainty. Ask yourself what you could do to be secure and safe in the moment. When you will be able to gift yourself a sense of security and assurance, you will not need others to take advantage of your uncertainty and insecurity
  4. If you have been taken care of so far, why would you not be taken care of, in the future as well? If you choose to feel secure and safe, no one in the world can intimidate you. If you choose to remain insecure, even a mosquito can threaten you with illness beyond cure.
  5. If you have been given challenges, you have been given solutions to handle them as well. Rediscover your capability to manage yourself independently.
  6. Count your blessings and be grateful. Thinking of adversities will energize adversities. Focusing on blessings will create a blessed life.
  7. Enhance your awareness. Insecurity is due to limited awareness. There is always a larger plan in place with consciousness expansion. When you understand the larger plan and grasp the entire picture, you will be able to have an overview of life through objective observation.

Here are some Redikall Statements which will make a positive shift in your life.

Recite them 7 times for 21 days to regain the sense of security:

I solve my insecurity

I dissolve my insecurity

I resolve my insecurity

I co-solve my insecurity

I supersolve my insecurity

I awaken security

I awaken the secure me.

I solve my reasons for insecurity

I dissolve my reasons for insecurity

I resolve my reasons for insecurity

I co-solve my reasons for insecurity

I supersolve my reasons for insecurity

I awaken the reasons for the security

I awaken the reasons for a secure me.

I solve the brilliance in the insecurity

I dissolve the brilliance in the insecurity

I resolve the brilliance in the insecurity

I co-solve the brilliance in the insecurity

I supersolve the brilliance in the insecurity

I awaken the brilliance

I awaken the brilliant me.



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