How to address competition, non-cooperation, and domination

Aatmn Parmar
3 min readMay 22, 2017


It is often possible to encounter or perceive a sense of competition, one-upmanship, and non-co-operation from peers and colleagues.

We often blame others’ attitudes and behavior for our misfortune, difficulties in progress and setbacks in life.

Several times, you prevent yourself from succeeding just because there is a possibility of attracting jealousy, envy or even adverse responses to your success.

Why would that happen to only a select few, where there are people who receive love, co-operation and adulation for all that they do well in life?

Why would a mere select few get affected by adverse responses from their loved ones and competitors?

If you are one of those who’s been victimized or negatively affected by unpleasant experiences, which may seem like jealousy, unhealthy completion, one-upmanship, it would be great if you can examine how, and in which manner, you may have invited these experiences into your universe.

The reasons for attracting jealousy, competition, and one-upmanship are different for different people.

Blaming others for their conduct towards you may not help you or resolve the situation. You are the only one who could resolve the situation through your deeper insights and proactive attitude.

Need for Growth

If you have been taught that competition is necessary for growth and progress, you may attract competitors. However, it is quite possible to grow without any need for competition or competitors. Look for the possibility of growth through co-operation from all and you will find a way to avail that.

Guilt of succeeding and doing well.

Please ensure that you are not feeling guilty of doing well in life when your siblings, cousins or close friends are not doing well. Your guilt can create an emotional anchor or hook, for their jealousy.

Need to recognize your uniqueness.

If you are aware of your uniqueness and your unique set of privileges and opportunities, and you respect that, you will attract people who will respect you for your unique and special qualities and privileges.

Borrowed beliefs

If you have been influenced by people who complain of being victimized by the competitors or others, you are likely to get adversely affected by their beliefs.

Self-Help tips:

  1. Rise beyond your need for competition to motivate yourself to do better in life. Effectively address the association of competition for superior performance and achievements.
  2. Trust your uniqueness. Respect your unique qualities and privileges. If you start respecting yourself, gradually others will start respecting you
  3. Do not make others feel low when you are not doing well. Appreciate others for what they have and for who they are. Appreciate others’ uniqueness too.
  4. Look at the possibility of growth through co-operation and support and encouragement from all around you.
  5. Believe that each one has an abundance of opportunities, you do not have to infringe on other’s boundaries, nor anyone has to infringe on your resources in order to succeed in life. Open up to the feeling of abundance for all
  6. Recognize and respect your good fortune. Intend and invite others to cherish your unique set of talents, opportunities, and privileges. Rejoice and share in a manner others feel happy in your happiness
  7. After all, you need to change your approach towards your success before you expect the change in others’ approach to your success.
  8. Address the ill effects of your past experiences and resultant beliefs. Heal inner children (part of your past personality) who have witnessed or suffered due from the steep competition.
  9. Guided future progression where you see yourself succeding well with everyone’s co-operation and support.
  10. Affirm 21 times for 21 days. ‘I intend and invite one and all in my universe to positively contribute to my success.’

You may not have enough control over your past circumstances. However, you can now resolve to create a universe around you which is full of love co-operation and harmony.

Even if it takes a little longer time, slowly and gradually you can manifest that.

Oh, even canines and felines can be friends and co-operate with each other? Why can’t we as humans do that?

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