How can you put your best foot forward?

The journey of thousand miles starts with the first step forward. However, do you move forward because you have no other choice? Do you move forward because you are literally pushed? Do you move forward because you are stagnating in life? Do you move forward because it is uncomfortable to stand your ground reality?

The road may look never-ending. The destination may appear to be dark. However, are you putting your best foot forward? This is the ‘Redikall Healing’ question for you from Aatmn

There is a difference between a lame move forward and putting your best foot forward.

When you take your next step in life, it would be a good idea to ask yourself a question? “Am I putting my best foot forward?” If the answer is Yes…Wonderful! Go ahead.

However, if the answer is NO… Isn’t it the time to evaluate and figure out, why?

I remember, once I assigned some task to my teenage daughter. After explaining every thing, I looked at her face and asked her, would you do this? She said, “Mom, I would do this because you are telling me to do. However, I will not enjoy doing this. And if I do not enjoy doing this, it will not be fulfilling for you and me.”

The mom in me felt a bit of ‘let down’ and rejected butat the same time felt very proud of her clarity of thoughts and courage. I withdrew and assigned the same work to someone else immediately without getting upset ormaking a big fuss over it. She had the right to refuse what she did not enjoy. She had the right to do what she enjoyed. It would be my insecurity or my pseudo sense of authority which would force her to do what she did not feel like doing.

There are several reasons for not putting our best foot forward. Some of the important reasons are:

  1. Doing what you do not enjoy. When you do something with passion, invariably you put your heart and soul in it. However, there are several reasons, why you do things out of sense of compulsion. You may not have courage to opt out. You may not have creative ideas of figuring out the alternative ways to do things assigned to you. You may not have courage to say no.

Apart from the conscious ways of working, you could have affirmation based techniques which will help your conscious mind to bring about the Redikall Shift within you.

Commonest Basic Redikall Healing Chakras which needs correction are:

  1. Ankle joint chakra which indicates that you perceive a sense of weakness or shortcoming in you.

What next?

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Aatmn Parmar

International speaker, Author, Intuitive channel, the founder of Redikall Healing System, Homoeopath, hypnotherapist, Mind and Metaphysics expert.