Happiness is your birthright. Claim your happiness in 10 steps.

Now, you may ask, how does one discover a more consistent and genuine level of happiness? If happiness is from within, why the heck is it so tough to find? Why on earth should I look for happiness in relationships, parties, pampering myself; why try search for it through success, substances, material stuff etc? The more I chase them in search of happiness, the more ‘that’ happiness seems to elude me.

  1. Step 8) Take a Holistic approach
  2. 1. Do regular exercise, especially breathing exercises, to have your endorphin levels higher and working well for you.
  3. 2. Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  4. 3. Sleep on time, wake up on time and eat on time. Simple as it may sound, the effect it has on your state of being is profound.
  5. 4. Get some ‘me time’. Be committed to spend some time doing what you enjoy most. Spend some time with yourself.
  6. 5. Nurture existing relationships. Spend some time taking care of all your relationships. Maybe a message, maybe a phone call, maybe a dinner invitation. Also take care of non-human relationships. The relationship with your body, the relationship with money, relationship with finances and your relationship with God.
  7. 6. Take care of your finances. Manage your finances wisely. Use your money in a wiser manner and joyously remain open to receive money without being unduly conditional about the channel through which you receive money
  8. 7. Be in integrity with ‘self’ and others. When you do, what you feel is incorrect, you often feel unhappy
  9. 8. Be yourself. You could be happier by being who you are. Do not reject your real self out of fear of being rejected by others.
  1. Step 9) Therapeutic Considerations
  2. 1. Heal the effects of your past traumas, hurts, rejections.
  3. 2. Forgive others, forgive yourself, and forgive God.
  4. 3. Address the guilt that you maybe inadvertently carrying.
  5. 4. Address your self esteem boost and boost your confidence.
  6. 5. Recognise and fulfill your voids in a constructive way.
  7. 6. Re-instate a positive outlook towards life.
  8. Raise your consciousness
  1. Opt to raise your consciousness to have a better overview of life.
  2. Discover the purpose and meaning of your life. Live life in alignment with it.
  3. Seek to be in the state of BLISS which is far beyond the state of happiness.
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Aatmn Parmar

Aatmn Parmar

International speaker, Author, Intuitive channel, the founder of Redikall Healing System, Homoeopath, hypnotherapist, Mind and Metaphysics expert.