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From a ‘THOUGHT’ to a ‘JACKPOT’ an image from www.pixabay.com

From a ‘THOUGHT’ to a ‘JACKPOT’.

Thousands of thoughts, plans, dreams, and ideas die even before they are born. Because they never get started.

You often ‘think’ because you have nothing else to do. You ‘think’ because there is so much to do. You ‘think’ because you do not wish to do what you ought to do. You ‘think’ because you hate to do. You ‘think’ because you do not like being forced to do. You ‘think’ because you find it difficult to think!

Well, you do not need a reason to ‘think’. You are gonna think anyway. How do you make the best out of a good thought? How do you convert a brilliant thought to a brilliant manifestation?

Here are some of the thoughts based on my observation of people who make a difference with their powerful actions based on their powerful thoughts.

  1. Do not wait for other’s approval. Most powerful idea and thought often get discouraged and ridiculed by ‘well-wishers’ and die a premature death. Successful implementation of a powerful thought may need a deaf ear towards critics and pessimists.
  2. Be fully convinced. Your inner conflict may prevent you from giving your best to nurture your thoughts and ideas. Be sure of what you are doing. Have hundred percent faith or else WAIT.
  3. Be prepared to fail. Contrary to popular belief, reluctance to fail may not bring you closer to the Success. When you accept the possibility of a failure, you become more courageous to succeed. In fact, fear of failure keeps you focused on the possibility of failure and often manifests a setback. Courage to embrace the possibility of failure will let you focus all your energies in making your thoughts and ideas a big success.
  4. Put your best foot forward. A half-hearted approach can give you the half baked results. When you give your best, you find yourself worthy of manifesting and receiving the best.
  5. Safeguard your thoughts. You do not have to worry about intrusion from people as much as the threat from an intruding thought, loaded with doubt, discouragement, pessimism, and reluctance. These thoughts are going to keep interfering. However, it is your choice of safeguarding and protecting your powerful ideas and thought, which will eventually make sure that your thoughts turn into a reality.

Treat your precious thought and idea as a baby. Be focused on them, nurture them, protect them, pamper them, discipline them, direct them and grow them till the time they become independent enough to have their own existence.



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