5 Reasons why you might be spending compulsively

Aatmn Parmar
3 min readFeb 3, 2023

Have you found yourself contributing often unwillingly? A compulsive financial contributor, perhaps?

Let’s check some of the psycho-spiritual reasons why you dip into your pockets even when you don’t really want to:


The guilt of being fortunate compared to others. It’s great to have good fortune smiling on you. However, if you feel guilty for having more, when others around are deprived of the basics, Money follows your heart and reaches out to them naturally, and at times compulsively.

2. Fear of losing out on a relationship or friendship

When you value your relationship more than Money, you may contribute Money to save what is more valuable to you.

3. The need to feel more powerful

Our society sees contributors as more powerful and receivers as less privileged and powerless. This may not always be the truth. Often, your need for compulsive contribution results from a burning desire to feel powerful with respect to people who are receiving from you.

4. Thinking Money can buy happiness

You contribute a lot of Money to buy temporary happiness.

5. To save your life

When you realize that health is true wealth, or if you subconsciously feel a threat to your or your loved one’s life, you do not think twice before spending Money.

Yes, Money can give you what you wish to buy through Money.

It pays to remember that the benefit can be temporary. That does not mean you should not spend Money. However, what you are trying to avail through Money can give you temporary solace.

If you want long lasting honor, power, happiness, peace, and love, you may need to turn inwards and find them in yourself. That’s when the compulsion to spend Money will stop and right channelization will start. That’s when your cup will be full and overflowing, as beneficiaries begin to align themselves and take the right position around you. Gift yourself the experiences you are trying to buy through Money. You can certainly do that.

Money can buy you comfort but you will need to gift yourself emotional comfort.

Money can buy you temporary happiness but you need to discover eternal joy within.

Money can buy you honor and respect but you first need to honor being who you are.

Money can buy you relationships but you first need to establish a strong bond between your mind, body and soul.

So, does that mean you should not earn and spend Money?

You certainly should. It is the intent behind earning and spending Money which shapes the outcome, results and experiences.

When you buy material stuff with Money, you are buying an experience along with it. Experiences such as comfort, joy, happiness, fulfilment, pride, security which you feel come along with the objects you are buying.

However, these experiences are transient in nature and fade away with the passage of time. And you begin to crave for more experiences once again. This is what makes you a compulsive spender. It is not about compulsive spending; it is about the compulsive need for an experience which you think you will get through spending.

The remedial solution

Discover that experience from within. E.g., if you are seeking happiness, joy, fulfillment, peace and honor through your purchasing power, think of discovering that within you. You have it buried deep inside you, and when you learn to awaken that, you do not have to helplessly keep spending Money to buy things for the temporary solace they provide. You simply need to awaken that experience.

You will still share, contribute and spend Money. This time you will share, not because you need to buy. This time, you will share, because you wish to share; because you are overflowing with abundance.

This is how you shift from “Lack consciousness” to “Prosperity consciousness”.

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Aatmn Parmar

International speaker, Author, Intuitive channel, the founder of Redikall Healing System, Homoeopath, hypnotherapist, Mind and Metaphysics expert.